The finance and accounting processes of businesses are getting complex and challenging with more and more regulatory pronouncements and standards coming into effect. Corporates are outsourcing various finance and accounting processes with a view to streamline respective processes and obtain consistency, uniformity and stronger controls.

We at HAC offer accounting and related processes services to clients who either do not wish to create their own capabilities or are looking for competitive and professional solutions to their accounting and related processes. A large number of HNIs/Business entities prefer to outsource various accounting and related processes in order to save on costs and the avoid taking responsibility of engaging multi level full time finance and accounting professionals. Our approach to outsourced assignments involves gaining a complete understanding of clients requirements which forms the bedrock of assignment implementation plan, designing process plan, assessing resource requirements, deploying adequate resources, performing the desired functions, constant monitoring by Team leaders, generating client deliverables and timely client reporting. All engagements are lead by a Partner to ensure quality assurance.

To maximize efficiencies in accounting function, we recommend cloud accounting to small businesses. Cloud accounting is quite similar to traditional accounting in most respects except that the accounting software is hosted on remote servers and thus allows you to access your accounts from any web browser, anytime and anywhere. Based on an understanding of your business needs, to start with we can assist you in identifying what cloud solution would be perfect for you and thereafter render accounting services to your complete satisfaction.